The Mayor of Geektown


Kurt Onstad

Kurt has been a geek for as far back as he can remember, playing D&D at age 6, reading sci-fi and fantasy as soon as he could check out books at the library, and obsessing over comic book superheroes since watching Super Friends on Saturday mornings.  He's been a LARPer, a DM, and a webcomic writer (Dr. Lobster).

Kurt has worked in a number of "geeky" fields, including radio, computer tech support, and as the manager of Metropolis Comics in Bellflower, CA for a number of years before moving up to Eugene, OR.  He currently has a day job in Accounts Payable, but spends as much time as he can pursuing all of his geeky hobbies.  

He looks forward to getting lots of questions from you, the listening audience, and recording future episodes where he will not talk about himself in the third person.